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Vital Records

Welcome to Weber-Morgan Health Department Vital Records. Our mission is to provide official, raised seal, Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce Certificates for all legal purposes including passports.

How to obtain records

  • Same Day Service: We are open Monday through Friday (except holidays) 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Bring a completed application and valid ID to our service counter in our office. Please remember to place your order by 4 p.m. or your order will be processed the following business day. This is the quickest way to receive your vital record.

  • By Mail: You will need to send a completed application and include a clearly identifiable and easy-to-read photocopy of your valid ID. Please do not send cash. We accept only check or money order through the mail. Request forms can be filled out and printed from the resources listed below. Please allow 2 weeks before inquiring about the status of your request.

  • Online: For your convenience, we have partnered with VitalChek Network, Inc. , a third-party vendor for online services. Additional service charges apply.

  • Morgan County: We offer services in Morgan County by appointment only. Call 801-399-7132.

  • Disclaimer: please do not email documents with any personal information unless they have been encrypted first.

Birth Certificate Information

What we offer:

  • We provide birth records for Ogden City from 1909 to present
  • All of Utah from 1926 to present.
  • Requests for records including those before 1926 may require 24 hours and an extra fee.

Book Copy certificates

  • Available for most births prior to 1999, additional fees may apply.
  • These copies sometimes have a little more information on them than the computer generated birth certificate.
  • The computer birth certificate or the book copy serve the same purpose and can be used for any legal purpose.

Uses include:

  • School Registration
  • Sports Participation
  • Drivers License
  • Passport Application
  • Retirement
  • Social Security
  • Job Application

Many people order more than one certificate when they place their order. Often the extra copy is kept in a safe place, or with a relative.

If you just had a baby, birth records need to be requested by the parents and are not automatically issued. You should order a copy of your baby's birth certificate to ensure that the information is complete and correct.

Fill out and mail or bring into our office:

Download English birth certificate application OR Download Spanish birth certifcate application

View completed list of Birth/Death Records Fees

Marriage/Divorce Verification Information

Our Vital Records office offers certified copies of marriage and divorce verifications for all counties in Utah from 1978 to 2010. However, if the marriage license was originally obtained in Weber county, you must contact the Weber County Clerk to obtain a copy of the record. If a Divorce Decree is needed, they would be at the local District Court. More information on getting a copy of your divorce decree, can be found at .

These records are proof of a marriage or divorce only, with limited information, and can be used by any agency that requires proof of the event.

View completed list of Marriage/Divorce Verification Fees

Death Certificate Information

What we offer:

  • We provide death records for Weber County from 1958 to present and Morgan County from 1993 to present.
  • For all of Utah from August 2006 to present.
  • Requests for records before August 2006 for another county will require 24 hours and an extra fee.

Uses include:

  • To obtain insurance payments
  • for collection of stocks and bonds
  • Veteran benefits
  • closure of bank accounts
  • retirement collection
  • executing a will
  • genealogy

Filing a Death Certificate:

Utah law allows families to care for their dead without the services of a licensed Funeral Director. However, families that do not wish to retain a Funeral Director must file a death certificate and comply with state laws and rules regarding the disposition of human remains.

To begin the death certificate, contact the local Health Department in the county where the death occurred to assist you, or contact the State Office of Vital Records and Statistics for information on filing a death certificate. You may also visit State Office of Vital Records .

Fill out and mail or bring into our office:

Download English death certificate application OR Download Spanish death certifcate application

View completed list of Birth/Death Records Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a Social Security Card here?

No, you must get them from the Social Security Administration. You may call them at 1-877-378-9081.

Do I get a Marriage License here?

No, those are issued by the County Clerk's Office in the Weber Center. You may call them at 801-399-8400.

Can I get Immunization Records in this office?

No, you must get them through the Immunization Clinic in Nursing at 801-399-7251.

Why don't we issue the wallet size card anymore?

The wallet size cards are too small to contain all of the security features to comply with the Department of Homeland Security regulations. Therefore, they are not acceptable for legal purposes.

If I had my baby at home, how do I get a Birth Certificate?

If a midwife delivered your baby, she will register the birth with the State Office of Vital Records. If you delivered yourself without a midwife's assistance, you must contact the State Office of Vital Records at 801-538-6380.

Who can get a birth/death certificate?

You can get one for yourself or immediate family only: Mother, Father, Sibling, Spouse, Child, Grandparent or Grandchild. This does not include Step-Parents or In-Laws.

How long does it take to get a birth certificate when I come in?

In most cases, it only takes about 5-10 minutes.

How long does it take to process a mailed request?

Mailed requests are usually completed within two weeks. Please wait at least three weeks after mailing your request before inquiring about its status.

Can I get a certificate from another state in this office?

No, we only issue certificates for the state of Utah. We do not have access to any other state's records. We do have contact information for other states that we can share: VitalCkek website.

Do I need an Apostille on my birth certificate?

An Apostille is an authentication on a document prepared to give to a foreign country. The following are examples of when a birth certificate may require an apostille:

  1. Transferred by your employer to a foreign country;
  2. Getting married in a foreign country;
  3. Adopting a child in a foreign country;
  4. Going on a mission in a foreign country.

For more information, please call (801) 538-1041.

Can I get a certificate from your office if I was born in another county?

Yes, we have birth certificates for the whole state of Utah from 1951 to present and death certificates from August 2006 to present. We can get them for other years as well, but you may want to call to verify at 801-399-7134.

How can I tell if I have a certified copy of a record?

There will be a small, slightly raised seal in the bottom right-hand corner of the copy, and it will be printed on multi-colored paper.

How do I change a birth certificate to reflect an adoption?

You must complete this process with the State Office of Vital Records in Salt Lake City. Please contact them at 801-538-6363 for further information and requirements..

How do I correct a birth certificate to reflect a Court Order Name Change?

You must send the certified court order documents to the State Office of Vital Records in Salt Lake City. Please contact them at 801-538-6105 for further information and requirements.

How do I add my child's father to the birth certificate?

For unmarried parents, adding a father to a birth certificate requires a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity. Both the mother and father must sign the form, as well as two witnesses not related to either the mother or father. Please call us for additional information 801-399-7134.