Breakdown of Lab-Confirmed Positive Cases1 by Age & County

1 WMHD defines a “lab-confirmed positive case” as someone who has tested positive by PCR for COVID-19. The lab-confirmed case count is cumulative and not influenced in the event an individual has recovered or is deceased.

2 WMHD defines a “recovered” case as a person that has a case date longer than 21 days ago, including today. Due to a lack of laboratory testing, clinical evaluation, and other data, the number of recovered persons is estimated by the number of cases whose first positive laboratory test was reported at least 21 days ago, excluding deaths.

3 “Death” counts reflect the number of individuals whose death was determined to be caused by or associated with COVID-19 infection.

*(Current Active Cases) = (total lab-confirmed positives) - (recovered) - (deaths)

  • Cases are listed as cases as they are verified by address within the Weber-Morgan Health district.
  • If your city shares the same zip code with multiple cities, the exact address may default to the largest city (for example Ogden City).
  • DO NOT THINK of one city as safer than another, and continue to take all the recommended precautions where ever you go. The virus is circulating and people live, work and recreate in various places.
  • Cases are considered “recovered” after 21 days.
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  • This map is updated as information becomes available. For the most current data, please refer to the Age and County breakdown above. This map may not be updated over the weekend.

*Individuals who have a positive test result are monitored by the Weber-Morgan Health Department.

*Negative lab results may be delayed due to reporting methods. Data will be updated as available.

The chart above depicts how lab-confirmed positive cases have been exposed to COVID-19.

The chart above depicts the number of lab-confirmed positive cases by age group.