Breakdown of Lab-Confirmed Positive Cases1 by County

1 WMHD defines a “lab-confirmed positive case” as someone who has tested positive by PCR for COVID-19. The lab-confirmed case count is cumulative and not influenced in the event an individual has recovered or is deceased.

2 WMHD defines a “recovered" case as a person having been released from isolation. Release from isolation is 72 hours beyond resolution of fever without medication and significant improvement of symptoms, with a MINIMUM of 10 days isolation. This release is based off UDOH and CDC guidance .

3 “Death” counts reflect the number of individuals whose death was determined to be caused by or associated with COVID-19 infection.

*(Current Active Cases) = (total lab-confirmed positives) - (recovered) - (deaths)

*Individuals who have a positive test result are monitored by the Weber-Morgan Health Department.

*Negative lab results may be delayed due to reporting methods. Data will be updated as available.

The chart above depicts how lab-confirmed positive cases have been exposed to COVID-19.

The chart above depicts the number of lab-confirmed positive cases by age group.

Essential Information

Public Health Notice
Public Health Notice

On May 5th, 2020, the Weber-Morgan Health Department issued a new Public Health Notice.

Public Health Notice Doc 05/05/2020

Public Health Order Doc 04/14/2020

Public Health Order Doc 04/02/2020

Public Health Order Doc 03/18/2020

Weber-Morgan Health Department Extends Public Health Order for COVID-19 Prevention
Weber-Morgan Health Department Extends Public Health Order for COVID-19 Prevention

On April 14th, 2020, the Weber-Morgan Health Department extends new Public Health Directives & Order for COVID-19.

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What is Social Distancing
Stay Safe, Stay Home

Avoiding close physical contact (social distancing) is the single most important thing everyone can do to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Human-to-human contact is the most common way that a person with the virus can infect other people. To limit exposure, people should keep safe distances (at least 6 feet) from each other and avoid touching others.

Social Distancing Basics

Social Distancing for Businesses

How to Social Distance at Work

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