Food Handler Permits

The food service protection division works to provide education to food service workers and food service businesses in an effort to promote safe food handling and preparation practices. Individuals that work in facilities that prepare or serve food are required to obtain a Utah Food Handler Permit. Permits are obtained after successfully completing an in-person or on-line state approved training course.

Trainer-Led Classroom:

Due to public health concerns over coronavirus, please refer to the online classroom training for food handler permits. If you have any questions, pelase contact our office at (801) 399-7160.

Online Classroom:

The State of Utah approves online and onsite trainer-led courses. Please be aware, there are many online outlets claiming to offer Utah Food Handler cards at exhorbitant costs. Cards issued from sources not from approved provders from the State will not be accepted.

Download List of Approved Food Handler Training Providers in Utah

Once you have completed the online course successfuly, you will obtain a "Certificate of Completion" from the online vendor. This certificate is used in the place of the actual Food Handler Permit for a period of up to 30 days. During this period, the official permit will be processed and issued by the local health department jurisdiction wher the individual resides.

Need a Replacement?

Get a replacement for your food handler permit by contacting our office at (801) 399-7160.